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We're a team that loves to tackle complex financial challenges and provide personalized solutions for our ultra high net worth clients.

  • Claude Faber

    Managing Partner, CPA

  • Gabriel Faber

    Partner, Head of Real Estate and Hospitality

  • Faride Bentebbal

    Partner, CPA, Head of Payroll

  • Lionel Capiaux

    Partner, Head of Accounting and Human Resources

  • Frédérique Vigneron

    Partner, CPA, Head of Corporate

  • Katia Roti

    Partner, Head of Legal and Compliance

  • Pascale Urbain

    Accountant, Payroll

  • Ibrahim Bagiran

    Accountant, Payroll

  • Cédric Goethals


  • Cédric Heloir


  • Valérie Licata


  • Morgane Schiltz

    Accountant, Payroll

  • Sabrina Zemkil

    Junior Accountant

  • Nadia Printz

    PA to Claude Faber

  • Laurence Tellitocci

    PA to Lionel Capiaux

  • Jessica Diomedi

    PA to Faride Bentebbal

  • Catarina Antunes

    PA to Gabriel Faber

  • Ylenia Cordella

    Administrative Assistant

  • Christelle Harmand

    Administrative Assistant

  • Fabienne Stephany

    Administrative Assistant

  • Vincent Demoulin

    Internal Accountant

  • Sabrina Giachetta

    Internal Accountant

  • Irena Santos

    Front Desk Reception

  • Engjellush Ferko


  • Romeo Wettie Tchumo


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